Manage for Profitability

We help agencies achieve best practices in fiscal management and profitability by:


We work with you and your agency leaders to assess current profitability and fiscal management. Then, we’ll help you understand the gaps between your current status and best practices. Our recommendations will help you fill the gap, while still delivering the highest-quality client service.

Training Workshop: How We Make Money: The Basics

Agency pros must have fiscal fluency.

This program shares the critical basics of how agencies make money, and includes:

  • What Challenges Do You Face in Preparing And Managing Budgets?
  • How Do PR Firms Make Money?
  • Making Money from Time
  • What Your Hourly Rate Covers
  • What’s Profitability and How Do Agencies Achieve It?
  • Creating Accurate Fee Budgets
  • How to Budget Accurately
  • Creating Accurate Out-of-Pocket Budgets
  • Creating Scopes-Of-Work
  • Why is Keeping Accurate Time Sheets Critical?
  • Mark-Ups
  • Your Role in Making Your Firm Profitable
  • And More

During the session, participants create accurate fee and OOP budgets.