Achieving Fiscal Best Practices Engagement

In this engagement, we help your agency achieve Best Practices For Fiscal Performance, based on commonly accepted industry standards.

Fiscal Practices Questionnaire

We start with a Fiscal Practices Questionnaire that helps me understand your agency’s fiscal performance, and how close or far you are to achieving “Best Practices” over the past year and 18 months. We also see where you’re heading around key Fiscal Best Practices over the next six months.

Fiscal Best Practices Recommendations

Fiscal Best Practices Recommendations Next, using a variety of tools, we’ll home in on the gaps between your current status and recommend the actions you’d need to take to achieve Fiscal Best Practices. Our recommendations will help you fill the gap, while still delivering the highest-quality client service.

In addition to a Recommendations Memo, we’ll hold a Zoom session to walk you through our recommendations and answer any questions you may have.

Fiscal Best Practices Coaching

Fiscal Best Practices Coaching: We then have a phone or Zoom session every other week, preferably for six months, to determine what Fiscal Best Practices are working (and you’ll do more of them), what’s not currently working (let’s keep an eye on them and fine-tune or modify) and what’s clearly not working, despite modification, (so let’s find another way to meet those standards)

– Testimonials –

  • "I attended Ken's CAPRSA Spring Conference 2018 break-out session, “How to Help Your Next-Gen Become Effective Leaders in Their Own Right” and really found it worthwhile, educational, and very informative. Ken is a great presenter and speaker and very engaging with the those in attendance. Two of the key things I took away from the session was "when you recognize the next gen as leaders, then it will motivate them to step up" and also "creating the objective, showing the direction, and then to get out of the way."
    John McCartney
    John McCartney Principal at Jmac PR LLC
  • "Jacobs Consulting & Executive Coaching has proven to be an invaluable asset to our PR agency, JPW Communications. Ken provided a comprehensive review of our fiscal situation that was not only thorough but was also delivered with a level of clarity and insight that exceeded our expectations. From the outset, Ken demonstrated a deep understanding of our industry, allowing him to quickly identify areas where we could improve our financial standing. What truly sets him apart, however, is his ability to translate complex financial data into meaningful and easy-to-understand recommendations. This was a game-changer for our team, as it made the decision-making process much more efficient and effective. Ken didn't just stop at pointing out our financial strengths and weaknesses. He worked closely with us to develop a tailored strategy to address our specific needs and goals. His guidance was not only practical but also forward-thinking. Overall, Jacobs Consulting & Executive Coaching has played a pivotal role in helping our PR agency achieve greater financial stability and success. We highly recommend his services to any organization seeking expert financial guidance that is both insightful and easy to comprehend."
    Jenny Windle, MPA
    Jenny Windle, MPAFounder and CEO at JPW Communications