Ken Jacobs, PCC, CPC, ELI-MP, an experienced consultant and certified coach, is the principal of Jacobs Consulting & Executive Coaching, which serves agencies, companies, senior leaders, executives and managers in the corporate communications, public relations, advertising and marketing space.

He has helped agencies grow and manage business, improve client service and relationships, and enhance staff performance, communications, and leadership skills, and has empowered communications CEOs, presidents, executive vice presidents and senior vice presidents to achieve and surpass their goals since 2007.

Jacobs holds Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credentials from the International Coach Federation (ICF), and is accredited as a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Master Practitioner by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC).


  • "Ken possesses an extraordinary ability to inspire growth and transformation. His expertise in energy leadership and the Energy Leadership Index has impacted my personal and professional development. Ken’s insights have bolstered my resilience and equipped me with a fresh perspective, enhancing my approach to challenges. I am deeply grateful for Ken’s guidance and wholeheartedly recommend his coaching to anyone seeking to unlock their true potential."
    Shweta SoniShweta SoniSenior Communications Specialist- MENA
  • "Every communications leader should have the benefit from coaching from Ken. He's more than "Kenough" (for the unindoctrinated, that's a Barbie movie reference)... he's pure "Kenergy." What a gift that the agency I joined had engaged him to provide leadership coaching! A valued advisor, coach, and friend, Ken's counsel is wise, constructive, on point, and informed by an esteemed career of communications excellence. Genuine, caring, and insightful, he brings out the best in everyone he works with. And the energy reference? He'll graciously remind you that the energy you bring the anything is important and sets the tone for any interaction. That's Kenough for me!"
    Trish Nicolas Trish Nicolas Senior Communications Strategist
  • "I attended Ken's CAPRSA Spring Conference 2018 break-out session, “How to Help Your Next-Gen Become Effective Leaders in Their Own Right” and really found it worthwhile, educational, and very informative. Ken is a great presenter and speaker and very engaging with the those in attendance. Two of the key things I took away from the session was "when you recognize the next gen as leaders, then it will motivate them to step up" and also "creating the objective, showing the direction, and then to get out of the way."
    John McCartney John McCartney Principal at Jmac PR LLC
  • "Ken is an excellent speaker, provides tangible resources and actionable ideas. For experienced leaders, his back-to-basics reminders challenge us to reflect and assess our leadership style/habits. I appreciate Ken’s detailed talking points to illustrate tone and approach to challenging conversations."
    Pamela Nix, MBA, APRPamela Nix, MBA, APRDirector of Human Resources
  • "I was fortunate to hear not one, but two (!) of Ken's leadership presentations at the 2023 PRSA ICON conference, and learned valuable tips I could put into practice back at the office. His depth of experience in the PR/communications field, combined with his expertise in coaching for leadership, were just the right combination that led to a standing-room-only session during the conference. Ken's passion and sincerity for coaching/helping are evident, whether he's presenting in a crowded room, or chatting one-on-one."
    Robin King Robin King Director of Community Relations
  • "I thoroughly enjoyed Kens presentation,"11 Things You MUST Do Now To More Effectively Lead Your Teams" at PRSA ICON 2023. It was informative and extremely relatable. He's spot on with addressing the leadership environment in any profession. Among the topics covered, Ken's discussion about delegating vs, empowering your team, as well as the value of performance vs. perfection challenged us to be better leaders. I look forward to attending his session at ICON 2024."
    Brendalyn Carpenter Player Brendalyn Carpenter Player Communications Consultant and Coach
  • "Since crossing paths with Ken Jacobs at the PRSA Counselors Academy in Puerto Rico back in 2016, I have had the pleasure of knowing him. At that time, I was working for another PR agency. In 2020, I decided to establish my own PR firm, Jmac PR. Recognizing the need for expert guidance in business development, I turned to Ken for support. Ken's insights and teachings have been transformative. His expertise in business development has provided me with invaluable knowledge and skills, helping me excel in areas that were once challenging. Our collaboration has clarified implementation strategies and identified key areas for growth. I sought Ken's guidance again for fiscal best practices, and once more, his mentorship proved invaluable. His coaching style, which is approachable yet insightful, has empowered me to implement sound financial strategies, putting me in a strong position for sustainable growth. Ken's phenomenal coaching abilities make him an invaluable resource for PR agency owners and stakeholders. His supportive yet challenging approach fosters personal and professional development in a motivating and effective manner. Confidently, I have referred fellow PR professionals and agency owners to Ken, knowing they will greatly benefit from his expertise. As I continue to evolve and grow, I wouldn't hesitate to engage Ken's services again in the future. If you're seeking guidance and mentorship to propel your PR endeavors forward, Ken Jacobs is undoubtedly the person to turn to."
    John McCartney John McCartney Principal at Jmac PR LLC
  • "Ken has been a tremendous resource to our leadership team. A patient coach, he's guided us through several years of growth and change as our organization continues to evolve. We are a stronger team and stronger agency because of Ken!"
    Nicole Morgan, APRNicole Morgan, APRFounder, Resolute PR
  • "I highly recommend Ken as a leadership speaker/keynote/workshop lead. I took part in Ken's "11 Things You Must Start Doing NOW to Lead More Effectively in 2023" breakout session at the 2023 Public Relations Society of America International Conference in Nashville. He hit it out of the park! Ken's approach is heartfelt - you immediately know that Ken believes in what he shares and has a sincere desire to help others continue on their way to 5-Star Leadership! I look forward to staying connected with Ken and involving him in leadership development activities with my association team."
    Aaron Putze, APRAaron Putze, APRChief Officer, Strategy & Brand Management, Iowa Soybean Association
  • "I loved Ken's presentation at PRSA's ICON "11 Things You MUST Start Doing Now To Be A More Effective Leader." The content was valuable, the recommendations were useful and practical, and his presentation style was engaging. It was the most enjoyable and informative presentation I attended. Thank you so much!"
    Ronica ClearyRonica ClearyFounder & CEO, Cleary Strategies
  • "I had the pleasure of seeing Ken in action as he presented "11 Things You Must Start Doing Now To Lead More Effectively" at PRSA's 2023 Leadership Academy. His energy and style were terrific, and his content was relevant and on point. And I was certainly not the only one to notice - his audience was actively engaged. They took notes throughout, had lots of questions and I received many comments during his program and after about how much they enjoyed his presentation. Great job, Ken!"
    Jessica Graham Jessica Graham Founder & CEO, Fionix Consulting
  • "I can’t say enough about the recent presentation Ken Jacobs did at our annual Croft Society Next Generation meeting in October 2023. Ken was our kick off speaker and owned the room. Ken was speaking to public relations professionals from around the country who are the future leaders of many independent firms. His talks, “Go From Manager to Leader” and How to Lead Through Uncertain Times” were highly valuable to this group. They embraced his content, admired his delivery and I’m sure went home with many practical tips to improve their leadership style . Needless to say I would highly recommend Ken to speak about leadership and share his thoughts which he seems to always keep current.”
    Phil Morabito,Phil Morabito,Chief Executive Officer, Pierpont Communications
  • "I had the pleasure of attending Ken's breakout session at CAPRSA Scottsdale on "How To Evolve Your Leadership Style So Your Teams Will Follow You Through Any Uncertainty." Ken's presentation style is both engaging and insightful, seamlessly blending strategic insights with thought-provoking content. What truly stood out to me were the practical and actionable recommendations he offered throughout the session. They were not only doable but added immense value to my approach to leadership. Ken's expertise as an Executive Coach to PR, Communications, and Marketing leaders is evident, and I highly recommend him to anyone seeking to elevate their leadership skills."
    Amanda Muneton Anaya Amanda Muneton Anaya Vice President, Operations at Providence Strategic Consulting, Inc
  • "Jacobs Consulting & Executive Coaching has proven to be an invaluable asset to our PR agency, JPW Communications. Ken provided a comprehensive review of our fiscal situation that was not only thorough but was also delivered with a level of clarity and insight that exceeded our expectations. From the outset, Ken demonstrated a deep understanding of our industry, allowing him to quickly identify areas where we could improve our financial standing. What truly sets him apart, however, is his ability to translate complex financial data into meaningful and easy-to-understand recommendations. This was a game-changer for our team, as it made the decision-making process much more efficient and effective. Ken didn't just stop at pointing out our financial strengths and weaknesses. He worked closely with us to develop a tailored strategy to address our specific needs and goals. His guidance was not only practical but also forward-thinking. Overall, Jacobs Consulting & Executive Coaching has played a pivotal role in helping our PR agency achieve greater financial stability and success. We highly recommend his services to any organization seeking expert financial guidance that is both insightful and easy to comprehend."
    Jenny Windle, MPAJenny Windle, MPAFounder and CEO at JPW Communications
  • "I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for your coaching services. You are a great coach! I was truly impressed when your coaching helped to reshift one of my team member's way of thinking and leading. It was incredible to witness the positive transformation that occurred as a result of your guidance. Your methodical and thoughtful approach truly made a difference. Having used several types of coaching in the past, I genuinely appreciate your patience and graceful approach. It is evident that you have a deep understanding of your craft and a genuine passion for helping others succeed. Thank you once again for your excellent coaching. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you. I look forward to our continued collaboration in the future."
    Kristelle Siarza, MBA, APRKristelle Siarza, MBA, APROwner and CEO, Siarza
  • "Ken is the ultimate trainer for PR people. Not only has he walked the walk through client service and business development trenches, he also has realistic, practical and actionable recommendations that help teams up their game. During a recent training that Ken developed/led for our Global Marketing team he adeptly picked up on our corporate culture, established real-time rapport with the participants and created a "safe space" for sharing concerns. When weighed against deadline demands and shifting priorities, Ken's trainings are truly time well spent."
    Sandra SokoloffSandra SokoloffSenior Director of Global Public Relations and Corporate Communications, Alvarez & Marsal
  • "I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Ken speak at PRSA Conferences over the past decade and each time I learn a new leadership strategy that I can apply immediately at my company. I recommend Ken because he has the experience, dedication, and reputation you need to achieve desired outcomes."
    Linda WelterLinda WelterCEO & Founder, Board Chair, Brand Marketing & PR Strategy, Reputation Management, Speaker
  • "I had the pleasure of attending Ken's session at this year's PRSA Western District Conference. It was an incredibly enjoyable and inspiring session. He spoke to an audience of seasoned public relations professionals along with others, like me, who are just beginning their careers. His material appealed to everyone as he provided simple, yet effective steps for leaders to connect with their publics. He shared that the best leadership is founded by firstly knowing yourself and how you lead and then understanding others. Through this, leaders can not only delegate work to their employees, but find ways to empower them. He also stressed the importance of listening to employees and asking them to fulfill tasks as opposed to telling them what to do. I loved this step as it brings about connection in the workplace as opposed to causing tension. Alongside conquering workplace issues, Ken's optimism was just remarkable to witness. The engagement in his tone of voice demonstrated his passion for the topic and desire to connect with his audience. As I evolve throughout my career, I will be sure to take his advice, so one day, when I am a leader, I can provide the open environment Ken structured during his session. Attending Ken's session was a wonderful decision on my part and anyone who gets the chance to engage with him can learn a lot!"
    Holly Jeveny Holly Jeveny Account Coordinator at Idea Hall
  • "I had the privilege of attending Ken's seminar at the PRSA Western District Conference in Tucson, AZ. While the event had many incredible topics, I most enjoyed his How to Lead in 2023 talk. Ken's 10 Critical Leadership Actions are a strong basis every manager, executive, or aspiring leader should know. Earning the trust of the people you are leading, and trust and trusting them in return is critical to everyone's success. Ensuring you know what your employees and peers think is a respectful workplace resonated with me. I have worked in newsrooms across the country for decades, and I wish the people I worked for had learned just a few of Ken's leadership actions. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with them. You (and your employees) will be glad you did!"
    Jeffrey SabatoJeffrey SabatoCommunication Planner at Maricopa Association of Governments
  • "If you run a PR agency, and you have the chance to listen to Ken Jacobs, take it. I attended his session on business development at PRSA's Counselors' Academy and found it entertaining, insightful and eminently practical. I was able to put many of his recommendations immediately into practice and found they helped us simplify and focus our business development process. Plus, he's a super nice guy with loads of life and agency experience you'll appreciate."
    Adam DooleyAdam DooleyCommunications and PR Leader


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