Ken Jacobs, PCC, CPC, an experienced consultant and certified coach, is the principal of Jacobs Consulting & Executive Coaching, which serves agencies, companies, senior leaders, executives and managers in the corporate communications, public relations, advertising and marketing space.

He has helped agencies grow and manage business, improve client service and relationships, and enhance staff performance, communications, and leadership skills, and has empowered communications CEOs, presidents, executive vice presidents and senior vice presidents to achieve and surpass their goals since 2007.

Jacobs holds Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credentials from the International Coach Federation (ICF), and is accredited as a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Master Practitioner by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC).


  • "I was fortunate to hear not one, but two (!) of Ken's leadership presentations at the 2023 PRSA ICON conference, and learned valuable tips I could put into practice back at the office. His depth of experience in the PR/communications field, combined with his expertise in coaching for leadership, were just the right combination that led to a standing-room-only session during the conference. Ken's passion and sincerity for coaching/helping are evident, whether he's presenting in a crowded room, or chatting one-on-one."
    Robin King Robin King Director of Community Relations
  • "I thoroughly enjoyed Kens presentation,"11 Things You MUST Do Now To More Effectively Lead Your Teams" at PRSA ICON 2023. It was informative and extremely relatable. He's spot on with addressing the leadership environment in any profession. Among the topics covered, Ken's discussion about delegating vs, empowering your team, as well as the value of performance vs. perfection challenged us to be better leaders. I look forward to attending his session at ICON 2024."
    Brendalyn Carpenter Player Brendalyn Carpenter Player Communications Consultant and Coach
  • "Ken has been a tremendous resource to our leadership team. A patient coach, he's guided us through several years of growth and change as our organization continues to evolve. We are a stronger team and stronger agency because of Ken!"
    Nicole Morgan, APRNicole Morgan, APRFounder, Resolute PR
  • "I highly recommend Ken as a leadership speaker/keynote/workshop lead. I took part in Ken's "11 Things You Must Start Doing NOW to Lead More Effectively in 2023" breakout session at the 2023 Public Relations Society of America International Conference in Nashville. He hit it out of the park! Ken's approach is heartfelt - you immediately know that Ken believes in what he shares and has a sincere desire to help others continue on their way to 5-Star Leadership! I look forward to staying connected with Ken and involving him in leadership development activities with my association team."
    Aaron Putze, APRAaron Putze, APRChief Officer, Strategy & Brand Management, Iowa Soybean Association
  • "I loved Ken's presentation at PRSA's ICON "11 Things You MUST Start Doing Now To Be A More Effective Leader." The content was valuable, the recommendations were useful and practical, and his presentation style was engaging. It was the most enjoyable and informative presentation I attended. Thank you so much!"
    Ronica ClearyRonica ClearyFounder & CEO, Cleary Strategies
  • "I can’t say enough about the recent presentation Ken Jacobs did at our annual Croft Society Next Generation meeting in October 2023. Ken was our kick off speaker and owned the room. Ken was speaking to public relations professionals from around the country who are the future leaders of many independent firms. His talks, “Go From Manager to Leader” and How to Lead Through Uncertain Times” were highly valuable to this group. They embraced his content, admired his delivery and I’m sure went home with many practical tips to improve their leadership style . Needless to say I would highly recommend Ken to speak about leadership and share his thoughts which he seems to always keep current.”
    Phil Morabito,Phil Morabito,Chief Executive Officer, Pierpont Communications
  • "Jacobs Consulting & Executive Coaching has proven to be an invaluable asset to our PR agency, JPW Communications. Ken provided a comprehensive review of our fiscal situation that was not only thorough but was also delivered with a level of clarity and insight that exceeded our expectations. From the outset, Ken demonstrated a deep understanding of our industry, allowing him to quickly identify areas where we could improve our financial standing. What truly sets him apart, however, is his ability to translate complex financial data into meaningful and easy-to-understand recommendations. This was a game-changer for our team, as it made the decision-making process much more efficient and effective. Ken didn't just stop at pointing out our financial strengths and weaknesses. He worked closely with us to develop a tailored strategy to address our specific needs and goals. His guidance was not only practical but also forward-thinking. Overall, Jacobs Consulting & Executive Coaching has played a pivotal role in helping our PR agency achieve greater financial stability and success. We highly recommend his services to any organization seeking expert financial guidance that is both insightful and easy to comprehend."
    Jenny Windle, MPAJenny Windle, MPAFounder and CEO at JPW Communications
  • "I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for your coaching services. You are a great coach! I was truly impressed when your coaching helped to reshift one of my team member's way of thinking and leading. It was incredible to witness the positive transformation that occurred as a result of your guidance. Your methodical and thoughtful approach truly made a difference. Having used several types of coaching in the past, I genuinely appreciate your patience and graceful approach. It is evident that you have a deep understanding of your craft and a genuine passion for helping others succeed. Thank you once again for your excellent coaching. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you. I look forward to our continued collaboration in the future."
    Kristelle Siarza, MBA, APRKristelle Siarza, MBA, APROwner and CEO, Siarza
  • "Ken is the ultimate trainer for PR people. Not only has he walked the walk through client service and business development trenches, he also has realistic, practical and actionable recommendations that help teams up their game. During a recent training that Ken developed/led for our Global Marketing team he adeptly picked up on our corporate culture, established real-time rapport with the participants and created a "safe space" for sharing concerns. When weighed against deadline demands and shifting priorities, Ken's trainings are truly time well spent."
    Sandra SokoloffSandra SokoloffSenior Director of Global Public Relations and Corporate Communications, Alvarez & Marsal
  • "I had the good fortune to attend Ken’s “How to Evolve Your Leadership” presentation live in Scottsdale this spring. The room was packed, and for good reason. Ken’s style is easygoing but serious, and focused on practical steps leaders can take to improve their performance. His program was thought-provoking and strategic, and I left motivated to implement several new ideas when I returned to the office. Ken will inspire and encourage even the most seasoned leaders. All this, AND he’s the nicest man. Highly recommend."
    Sarah Erkmann Ward, APRSarah Erkmann Ward, APRStrategic communicator, advocacy expert, public affairs specialist
  • "Ken Jacobs is the development coach you need if you’re looking for a partner to help you grow your business. Ken’s business development and leadership sessions at the Counselors Academy PRSA Conference — designed for business owners like me - led me to hire him as my business development coach. And it’s been the best decision I made since launching Chasing the Sun.

    Ken’s experience as a PR executive -- coupled with his coaching accreditations - gives him the empathic qualities needed to help business owners on their journey. His approach to planning and prospecting helps you focus on what’s essential and identify practical solutions for growth.

    Because of this approach, I am on track to double my year-over-year revenue goals heading into 2023. Most of all, Ken is a great guy who is fun to work with, engaging, and genuinely cares about your personal and professional growth. If you’re looking for a partner who truly wants to help you lead with confidence, I cannot recommend Ken enough!"
    Mark Mohammadpour, APR, CHC, CPT, PN1-NCMark Mohammadpour, APR, CHC, CPT, PN1-NCOwner and Chief Well-being Officer, Chasing the Sun
  • "Ken is a phenomenal speaker. I attended a PR conference this summer and had the pleasure of learning from his keynote presentation, “How To Evolve Your Leadership Style.” There were so many excellent takeaways that I immediately began to implement. One of the best tips he shared was to dial up my empathy to enhance work performance. That has been one of the most effective strategies I’ve focused on this year. If you have the opportunity to work with Ken or hear him present, don’t miss it!"
    Joseph AbreuJoseph AbreuCCO at Lee Clerk of Court, PRSA National Treasurer
  • "Dynamic, engaging, entertaining! Three words that describe Ken Jacobs presentation, How to Evolve Your Leadership so that your Teams will Enthusiastically Follow You Through Any Uncertainty. Ken delivered this session on August 9, 2022, at the Florida Public Relations Association Annual Conference. Since Ken's presentation, I have put his takeaways into practice, dialing up my emotional intelligence, giving energy to my team, increasing transparency, being more empathetic, encouraging a higher level of performance, leading with courage and more. The team I lead is young, and my goal is to make them so successful that one day they have the opportunity to be leaders. Ken's presentation certainly bolstered my skill set, and has given me more confidence to advocate on behalf of my team, to make for a more congenial, successful work environment. Thanks, Ken. Your words of wisdom have made a positive impact on my leadership."
    Susan Vernon-DevlinSusan Vernon-DevlinCommunications and Marketing Pro, Exceptional Crisis Communications Manager
  • "Ken Jacobs is personal, engaging, likable and motivating! Earlier this year, he spoke at the Florida Public Relations Association’s 83rd Annual Conference on the topic of leadership. His presentation was informative, thought-provoking and relevant. Thanks to Ken, our conference attendees left FPRA’s Annual Conference inspired to be better leaders."
    Cheray Keyes-Shima, APR, CPRCCheray Keyes-Shima, APR, CPRCPresident of KSC, Inc.
  • "I am so grateful to have Ken as my leadership coach. His coaching approach - focused on energy leadership and the Energy Leadership Index - is powerful and incredibly effective. The results are clear in my life professionally, including a promotion and recognized leadership growth by my leaders. The coaching also has improved my life personally where I find myself reacting to professional and personal situations with more clarity, compassion and confidence. My entire leadership mindset has shifted and there is zero chance that would have happened without Ken. I enthusiastically recommend Ken if you’re interested in quickly increasing leadership, productivity, resilience, confidence, effectiveness and so much more. He’s a game changer for any leader."
    Deirdre Murphy RamseyDeirdre Murphy RamseyExecutive Vice President, Precision Strategies
  • "Our Princeton Strategic Communications team worked with Ken over the course of a year to implement a business development plan that was tailored to our needs. Ken carefully coached us through the planning process and encouraged us to pursue and achieve our stretch goals. Ken gave our process a valuable set of professional eyes to ensure the best results."
    Norris ClarkNorris ClarkManaging Partner at Princeton Strategic Communications
  • "Ken has always been a trusted leadership and executive coach to many of PRGN’s member agencies for several years. A recent global webinar titled ‘How To Lead Leaders in Uncertain Times’ exclusive to our member agencies not only attracted communications pros from dozens of countries with a timely subject in agency life, but yet again proved Ken’s qualities as a leadership coach, leadership speaker and agency consultant. His presentation skills and storytelling style grabbed the audience’s attention throughout the session and feedback from multiple countries and cultures have testified it was effective despite being a virtual occasion. Ken combined thought-provoking points with practical tips that agency leaders in attendance said would surely put into action. While creating a friendly atmosphere, Ken demonstrated a solid knowledge on leadership trends and on all aspects of his subject content.

    Ken’s passion is palpable, both about his subject and for his audience. At the end of the online session, attendees felt inspired to become more effective leaders, using his thoughts and advise. As a host of our global event, I was amazed at the depth of his knowledge and inventory of cases and stories he was able to pull and tell when responding to a wide variety of questions form the audience. Ken is a great partner every host can dream of. Thank you for being with us, Ken, and for sharing some of your vast expertise. I’m sure we'll meet at upcoming virtual or regular member events of PRGN."

    Gabor JelinekGabor JelinekPublic Relations Global Network (PRGN)
  • "I first started following Ken through PRSA and attended a few of his online webinars on coaching and leading. I knew right away he is one to watch! He is confident, personable and practical, and his lessons in leadership can be implemented immediately after stepping away from his class. Sign up for a 1:1 coaching session, and he will help you unpack just about any leader communications dilemma you might be facing, no matter where you are at in your career trajectory. He has a full portfolio and the knowledge and expertise to share. Ken is one of a kind, and I am beyond lucky to have him in my network. Book him!"
    Daniella WiedelDaniella WiedelGlobal Internal Communication Manager at GM Financial
  • "Ken's sage guidance helped us develop our business development plan and execute every element over a six-month period of regular coaching activities. The data says that the time we spent with Ken more than paid for itself!"
    Melanie Wilt, APRMelanie Wilt, APROwner of Shift•ology Communication & Clark County Commissioner
  • "Ken's valuable insight, knowledge and encouragement set us off on the right path with a new sales and marketing plan, right as the world's pandemic was breaking. This instilled us with the much-needed confidence required to continuing growing our business amid a monumental crisis. Our bi-monthly Zoom sessions with Ken were always helpful and encouraging as he is very nonjudgemental but still provides mentorship and suggestions. I never walked away feeling bad, as sometimes you do with coaches who don't understand your other time-constraints. It is also very helpful that Ken has past leadership experience at top PR firms, so we could pick up important advice in other areas, beyond sales and marketing, such as hiring and client management. As leader of a company, it is important to keep people like Ken close, otherwise it can be a lonely job!"
    Amy RosenbergAmy RosenbergPresident and Founder of Veracity


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