How to Lead the Leaders on Your Team

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In any situation, a leader is called upon to navigate, encourage, and most importantly, move their organization and teams forward. In light of what all leaders faced in 2020, this is more important than ever in 2021.

As leaders, you cannot lead alone. It’s time to call upon the leaders on your team, your leaders-in-training, or both, to help you lead your organization to success in 2021.

Doing so is both an art and a science, and our third leadership eBook, “How to Lead the Leaders on Your Team,” is designed to give you a dose of leadership inspiration, while providing practical, actionable steps to do so effectively.

In it, you’ll find six actions you can take to effectively empower and inspire the leaders and the leaders-in-training who report to you. The tips are based on research, interviews with respected “leaders of leaders,” and my own experiences over decades as an agency leader and leadership coach.

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