Why Book Ken Jacobs To Speak About Leadership At Your Next Conference Or Meeting?

More than 25 years of management and leadership positions at national PR-Communications agencies.

Executive coach with PCC, CPC, ELI-MP, and COR.E Leadership certifications.

Author of “Taking the Lead,” the quarterly leadership column in the Public Relations Society of America’s (PRSA’s) Strategies & Tactics.

Video Podcaster discussing leadership with the public relations and communications industries’ most respected leaders.

Speech & Presentation Topics

How To Be A Dynamic Leader

Leading suddenly became vastly different in March, 2020, resulting in new challenges for leaders that have continued through this day. Attendees of this program will learn the specific leadership tools they need to lead through ongoing uncertain times, regardless of what happens in their organization or the outside environment.

How To Give Constructive Feedback That Inspires

Giving constructive feedback that inspires great work is one of the most critical elements of performance management. Is there a way to give feedback that constructs,  inspires, and actually encourages team members to grow, and be more engaged? Yes, there is, and this workshop will show you how.

How To Lead The Leaders And Leaders-in-Training On Your Team

Leading the leaders on your team and your next generation of leaders, AKA Leaders-In-Training, requires specific strategies and tactics. This session, based on interviews with three communications industry “Uber-leaders,” provides powerful insights to effectively lead leaders, who in turn may be stars in their own right, as well as up-and-coming leaders.

Eleven Steps To Take To Be An Amazingly Effective Leader

This program recommends and explains specific tips executives can take to become more inspiring and effective leaders of their teams, internal and external clients, peers, bosses, and other critical stakeholders. In doing so, attendees will increase their ability to meet and exceed their organizational, career and personal goals. Takeaways include the 11 most critical actions and skills needed to be a more inspiring and magnetic leader, why hose skills are so important, based on research, a list of practical actions they can take once the program ends, and a renewed sense of purpose as a leader.

Nine Critical Leadership Traits For Today

This program continues where “Eleven Steps” ends, providing additional critical leadership actions. Attendees will understand some of the most important actions that leaders can take if they want to their team members to follow them (and yes, your followers do have a choice!) as well as to spread their influence to anyone they lead, including the various audiences mentioned in “Eleven Steps…” This presentation can be combined with “Eleven Steps…” for a deep-dive leadership workshop, offering attendees twenty critical actions that  when implemented, results in a team that is more motivated, engaged, and ready to follow.

From Manager To Leader

This program is especially valuable for new leaders, or managers on the cusp of true leadership. Attendees will leave understanding the critical differences between management and leadership, what leaders do vs. what managers do, the idea that leadership is a two-part choice (made separately by the leader and their potential followers), and nine keys that are most critical to effective leadership, none of which they may have implemented as managers.

The Four Building Blocks of the Leadership TREE: Trust, Respect, Empathy, and EI

If we want to refresh our leadership and become truly effective leaders, we should focus on the Four Critical Building Blocks of Leadership. I call them the TREE: Trust, Respect, Empathy,  and Emotional Intelligence. This session will explain these four building blocks, get you to do some deep thinking, and get you ready to implement them!

Leaders Must Shut Up & Listen!

Far too many leaders believe that leadership is about talking. In reality, if you want to have engaged followers, it’s about Talking Less, Asking the Right Questions, Listening Deeply, and Getting Feedback On Our Leadership Performance. We’ll explore each of these critical leadership skills, explain why they’re so crucial to building followership, and give you practical tips on how you can implement them as soon as you return from Spring Conference.

Be A Lion: The Role of Leadership In Courage

Want to refresh your leadership style to be a more effective leader with more engaged followers? Followers follow courageous leaders. So Be A Lion. This session will explain the role of courage and confidence, why followers are drawn to courageous and confident leaders, and steps you can take to be the brave lion your agency team members need you to be.


  • "I attended Ken's CAPRSA Spring Conference 2018 break-out session, “How to Help Your Next-Gen Become Effective Leaders in Their Own Right” and really found it worthwhile, educational, and very informative. Ken is a great presenter and speaker and very engaging with the those in attendance. Two of the key things I took away from the session was "when you recognize the next gen as leaders, then it will motivate them to step up" and also "creating the objective, showing the direction, and then to get out of the way."
    John McCartney John McCartney Principal at Jmac PR LLC
  • "Ken is an excellent speaker, provides tangible resources and actionable ideas. For experienced leaders, his back-to-basics reminders challenge us to reflect and assess our leadership style/habits. I appreciate Ken’s detailed talking points to illustrate tone and approach to challenging conversations."
    Pamela Nix, MBA, APRPamela Nix, MBA, APRDirector of Human Resources
  • "I was fortunate to hear not one, but two (!) of Ken's leadership presentations at the 2023 PRSA ICON conference, and learned valuable tips I could put into practice back at the office. His depth of experience in the PR/communications field, combined with his expertise in coaching for leadership, were just the right combination that led to a standing-room-only session during the conference. Ken's passion and sincerity for coaching/helping are evident, whether he's presenting in a crowded room, or chatting one-on-one."
    Robin King Robin King Director of Community Relations
  • "I thoroughly enjoyed Kens presentation,"11 Things You MUST Do Now To More Effectively Lead Your Teams" at PRSA ICON 2023. It was informative and extremely relatable. He's spot on with addressing the leadership environment in any profession. Among the topics covered, Ken's discussion about delegating vs, empowering your team, as well as the value of performance vs. perfection challenged us to be better leaders. I look forward to attending his session at ICON 2024."
    Brendalyn Carpenter Player Brendalyn Carpenter Player Communications Consultant and Coach
  • "I highly recommend Ken as a leadership speaker/keynote/workshop lead. I took part in Ken's "11 Things You Must Start Doing NOW to Lead More Effectively in 2023" breakout session at the 2023 Public Relations Society of America International Conference in Nashville. He hit it out of the park! Ken's approach is heartfelt - you immediately know that Ken believes in what he shares and has a sincere desire to help others continue on their way to 5-Star Leadership! I look forward to staying connected with Ken and involving him in leadership development activities with my association team."
    Aaron Putze, APRAaron Putze, APRChief Officer, Strategy & Brand Management, Iowa Soybean Association
  • "I loved Ken's presentation at PRSA's ICON "11 Things You MUST Start Doing Now To Be A More Effective Leader." The content was valuable, the recommendations were useful and practical, and his presentation style was engaging. It was the most enjoyable and informative presentation I attended. Thank you so much!"
    Ronica ClearyRonica ClearyFounder & CEO, Cleary Strategies
  • "I had the pleasure of seeing Ken in action as he presented "11 Things You Must Start Doing Now To Lead More Effectively" at PRSA's 2023 Leadership Academy. His energy and style were terrific, and his content was relevant and on point. And I was certainly not the only one to notice - his audience was actively engaged. They took notes throughout, had lots of questions and I received many comments during his program and after about how much they enjoyed his presentation. Great job, Ken!"
    Jessica Graham Jessica Graham Founder & CEO, Fionix Consulting
  • "I can’t say enough about the recent presentation Ken Jacobs did at our annual Croft Society Next Generation meeting in October 2023. Ken was our kick off speaker and owned the room. Ken was speaking to public relations professionals from around the country who are the future leaders of many independent firms. His talks, “Go From Manager to Leader” and How to Lead Through Uncertain Times” were highly valuable to this group. They embraced his content, admired his delivery and I’m sure went home with many practical tips to improve their leadership style . Needless to say I would highly recommend Ken to speak about leadership and share his thoughts which he seems to always keep current.”
    Phil Morabito,Phil Morabito,Chief Executive Officer, Pierpont Communications
  • "I had the pleasure of attending Ken's breakout session at CAPRSA Scottsdale on "How To Evolve Your Leadership Style So Your Teams Will Follow You Through Any Uncertainty." Ken's presentation style is both engaging and insightful, seamlessly blending strategic insights with thought-provoking content. What truly stood out to me were the practical and actionable recommendations he offered throughout the session. They were not only doable but added immense value to my approach to leadership. Ken's expertise as an Executive Coach to PR, Communications, and Marketing leaders is evident, and I highly recommend him to anyone seeking to elevate their leadership skills."
    Amanda Muneton Anaya Amanda Muneton Anaya Vice President, Operations at Providence Strategic Consulting, Inc
  • "I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Ken speak at PRSA Conferences over the past decade and each time I learn a new leadership strategy that I can apply immediately at my company. I recommend Ken because he has the experience, dedication, and reputation you need to achieve desired outcomes."
    Linda WelterLinda WelterCEO & Founder, Board Chair, Brand Marketing & PR Strategy, Reputation Management, Speaker

Ken has presented, taught and guest lectured for prestigious organizations including:

  • PRSA’s Organizational Leadership Certificate Program;
  • The International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC);
  • The Executive Master’s Program, Communications Management;
  • Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications;
  • The Public Relations Global Network (PRGN); and
  • Taan Worldwide (the global network of independent communications agencies)

You can access a more complete list of events and speaking engagements here:

Published Works

Contributed portion of “Learning Ethics From A Mentor,” chapter in “Answers for Ethical Marketers, A Guide To Good Practice In Business Communications,” Deirdre Breakenridge, Routledge, 2021

Author, “Communications Skills For Business Leaders Who Want to Motivate and Inspire,” chapter in “Fast Tracking Your Career, The Ultimate Guide For PR Pros,” Deirdre Breakenridge, Critical Mention, 2017.

Author of four Leadership eBooks:

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