Why Book Ken Jacobs To Speak About Leadership At Your Next Conference Or Meeting?

More than 25 years of management and leadership positions at national PR-Communications agencies.

Executive coach with PCC, CPC, ELI-MP, and COR.E Leadership certifications.

Author of “Taking the Lead,” the quarterly leadership column in the Public Relations Society of America’s (PRSA’s) Strategies & Tactics.

Video Podcaster discussing leadership with the public relations and communications industries’ most respected leaders.

Speech & Presentation Topics

How To Lead Through Uncertain Times

Leading suddenly became vastly different in March, 2020, resulting in new challenges for leaders that have continued through this day. Attendees of this program will learn the specific leadership tools they need to lead through ongoing uncertain times, regardless of what happens in their organization or the outside environment.

How To Give Constructive Feedback That Inspires

Giving constructive feedback that inspires great work is one of the most critical elements of performance management. Is there a way to give feedback that constructs,  inspires, and actually encourages team members to grow, and be more engaged? Yes, there is, and this workshop will show you how.

How To Lead The Leaders And Leaders-in-Training On Your Team

Leading the leaders on your team and your next generation of leaders, AKA Leaders-In-Training, requires specific strategies and tactics. This session, based on interviews with three communications industry “Uber-leaders,” provides powerful insights to effectively lead leaders, who in turn may be stars in their own right, as well as up-and-coming leaders.

Eleven Steps To Take To Be An Amazingly Effective Leader

This program recommends and explains specific tips executives can take to become more inspiring and effective leaders of their teams, internal and external clients, peers, bosses, and other critical stakeholders. In doing so, attendees will increase their ability to meet and exceed their organizational, career and personal goals. Takeaways include the 11 most critical actions and skills needed to be a more inspiring and magnetic leader, why hose skills are so important, based on research, a list of practical actions they can take once the program ends, and a renewed sense of purpose as a leader.

Nine Critical Leadership Traits For Today

This program continues where “Eleven Steps” ends, providing additional critical leadership actions. Attendees will understand some of the most important actions that leaders can take if they want to their team members to follow them (and yes, your followers do have a choice!) as well as to spread their influence to anyone they lead, including the various audiences mentioned in “Eleven Steps…” This presentation can be combined with “Eleven Steps…” for a deep-dive leadership workshop, offering attendees twenty critical actions that  when implemented, results in a team that is more motivated, engaged, and ready to follow.

From Manager To Leader

This program is especially valuable for new leaders, or managers on the cusp of true leadership. Attendees will leave understanding the critical differences between management and leadership, what leaders do vs. what managers do, the idea that leadership is a two-part choice (made separately by the leader and their potential followers), and nine keys that are most critical to effective leadership, none of which they may have implemented as managers.


  • "I had the good fortune to attend Ken’s “How to Evolve Your Leadership” presentation live in Scottsdale this spring. The room was packed, and for good reason. Ken’s style is easygoing but serious, and focused on practical steps leaders can take to improve their performance. His program was thought-provoking and strategic, and I left motivated to implement several new ideas when I returned to the office. Ken will inspire and encourage even the most seasoned leaders. All this, AND he’s the nicest man. Highly recommend."
    Sarah Erkmann Ward, APRSarah Erkmann Ward, APRStrategic communicator, advocacy expert, public affairs specialist
  • "Ken Jacobs is the development coach you need if you’re looking for a partner to help you grow your business. Ken’s business development and leadership sessions at the Counselors Academy PRSA Conference — designed for business owners like me - led me to hire him as my business development coach. And it’s been the best decision I made since launching Chasing the Sun.

    Ken’s experience as a PR executive -- coupled with his coaching accreditations - gives him the empathic qualities needed to help business owners on their journey. His approach to planning and prospecting helps you focus on what’s essential and identify practical solutions for growth.

    Because of this approach, I am on track to double my year-over-year revenue goals heading into 2023. Most of all, Ken is a great guy who is fun to work with, engaging, and genuinely cares about your personal and professional growth. If you’re looking for a partner who truly wants to help you lead with confidence, I cannot recommend Ken enough!"
    Mark Mohammadpour, APR, CHC, CPT, PN1-NCMark Mohammadpour, APR, CHC, CPT, PN1-NCOwner and Chief Well-being Officer, Chasing the Sun
  • "Ken is a phenomenal speaker. I attended a PR conference this summer and had the pleasure of learning from his keynote presentation, “How To Evolve Your Leadership Style.” There were so many excellent takeaways that I immediately began to implement. One of the best tips he shared was to dial up my empathy to enhance work performance. That has been one of the most effective strategies I’ve focused on this year. If you have the opportunity to work with Ken or hear him present, don’t miss it!"
    Joseph AbreuJoseph AbreuCCO at Lee Clerk of Court, PRSA National Treasurer
  • "Dynamic, engaging, entertaining! Three words that describe Ken Jacobs presentation, How to Evolve Your Leadership so that your Teams will Enthusiastically Follow You Through Any Uncertainty. Ken delivered this session on August 9, 2022, at the Florida Public Relations Association Annual Conference. Since Ken's presentation, I have put his takeaways into practice, dialing up my emotional intelligence, giving energy to my team, increasing transparency, being more empathetic, encouraging a higher level of performance, leading with courage and more. The team I lead is young, and my goal is to make them so successful that one day they have the opportunity to be leaders. Ken's presentation certainly bolstered my skill set, and has given me more confidence to advocate on behalf of my team, to make for a more congenial, successful work environment. Thanks, Ken. Your words of wisdom have made a positive impact on my leadership."
    Susan Vernon-DevlinSusan Vernon-DevlinCommunications and Marketing Pro, Exceptional Crisis Communications Manager
  • "Ken Jacobs is personal, engaging, likable and motivating! Earlier this year, he spoke at the Florida Public Relations Association’s 83rd Annual Conference on the topic of leadership. His presentation was informative, thought-provoking and relevant. Thanks to Ken, our conference attendees left FPRA’s Annual Conference inspired to be better leaders."
    Cheray Keyes-Shima, APR, CPRCCheray Keyes-Shima, APR, CPRCPresident of KSC, Inc.
  • "Ken has always been a trusted leadership and executive coach to many of PRGN’s member agencies for several years. A recent global webinar titled ‘How To Lead Leaders in Uncertain Times’ exclusive to our member agencies not only attracted communications pros from dozens of countries with a timely subject in agency life, but yet again proved Ken’s qualities as a leadership coach, leadership speaker and agency consultant. His presentation skills and storytelling style grabbed the audience’s attention throughout the session and feedback from multiple countries and cultures have testified it was effective despite being a virtual occasion. Ken combined thought-provoking points with practical tips that agency leaders in attendance said would surely put into action. While creating a friendly atmosphere, Ken demonstrated a solid knowledge on leadership trends and on all aspects of his subject content.

    Ken’s passion is palpable, both about his subject and for his audience. At the end of the online session, attendees felt inspired to become more effective leaders, using his thoughts and advise. As a host of our global event, I was amazed at the depth of his knowledge and inventory of cases and stories he was able to pull and tell when responding to a wide variety of questions form the audience. Ken is a great partner every host can dream of. Thank you for being with us, Ken, and for sharing some of your vast expertise. I’m sure we'll meet at upcoming virtual or regular member events of PRGN."

    Gabor JelinekGabor JelinekPublic Relations Global Network (PRGN)
  • "I first started following Ken through PRSA and attended a few of his online webinars on coaching and leading. I knew right away he is one to watch! He is confident, personable and practical, and his lessons in leadership can be implemented immediately after stepping away from his class. Sign up for a 1:1 coaching session, and he will help you unpack just about any leader communications dilemma you might be facing, no matter where you are at in your career trajectory. He has a full portfolio and the knowledge and expertise to share. Ken is one of a kind, and I am beyond lucky to have him in my network. Book him!"
    Daniella WiedelDaniella WiedelGlobal Internal Communication Manager at GM Financial
  • "Ken is a good and genuine man. He cares deeply about the communications business, and the people who strive to do good work in the profession. Ken is the coach for leaders, their teams, peers and clients. Ken also lead an excellent on-line webinar and discussion for Taan Worldwide members, about the meaning of leadership through this very difficult business environment. It was full of key ideas that focus us on the important actions each need to take. I recommend Ken — as a speaker, a consultant, a professional coach — to everyone seeking to be better."
    Peter GerritsenPeter GerritsenPresident at Taan Worldwide
  • "I invited Ken to present at the Richmond PRSA monthly luncheon. He did an amazing job presenting on, “Things to Start Doing NOW To More Effectively Lead Your Team”. His insight made our April virtual lunch program a huge hit! Ken Jacobs is a terrific speaker, counselor and coach to communications professionals everywhere. Many of our members gave us great feedback in our post-event online survey. He's a wealth of knowledge and resources. He was able to pivot well and change his presentation to fit our COVID-19 reality. The initial presentation was scheduled in-person. He adapted and hosted a webinar for over 100 professionals in the area. He was able to connect with everyone. Well done, Ken!"
    Taya Jarman, MS, APRTaya Jarman, MS, APRCommunications Director and Social Media Strategist
  • "I was lucky to hear Ken deliver a presentation in the fall of 2019 on leadership and tips for leading concerning our roles as board members with the Public Relations Society of America(PRSA) many points from the talk stuck with me. As 2020 as driven us in many different directions with the turn of events, I reached out to Ken and asked him to speak to the PRSA, Philadelphia chapter. He delivered, “Things to Start Doing NOW To More Effectively Lead Your Team.” We received great feedback from our attendees, including the fact that Ken really held my attention after back-to-back video calls. I echo that, Ken’s calm delivery is welcoming and informing. Thank you, Ken, it was a pleasure working with you."
    Stephanie ByrwaStephanie ByrwaPresident, PRSA Philadelphia
  • "I always enjoyed Ken’s insightful columns in PRSA’s Tactics. I’ve also had the pleasure of working with Ken as a speaker twice in my role as Programs Chair for PRSA’s Independent Practitioners Alliance: his presentations on Growing Your Indie Practice (June 2018) and Enhancing Leadership for Indies (May 2020) were both rated highly by our members for the value he brought to the programs. He is a favorite speaker among our group. In addition to his leadership expertise and timely content, his presentation style is so warm and engaging, you forget you are on a webinar – it feels more like you are in a one-on-one conversation with him. If you are looking for a speaker who brings timely topics, engaging content, and infectious enthusiasm to the stage/screen, Ken is a must-have for your next event. Your audience will love him as much as ours has!"
    Wendy Kurtz, MBA, APR, CPRCWendy Kurtz, MBA, APR, CPRCAccredited PR and Marketing Professional
  • "I was fortunate to attend Ken's 'How to Start Winning More Business. Now!' presentation at PRSA’s Counselors Academy Spring Conference. Ken's talk was ground breaking and his targeted approach to winning new business really got me thinking. If you’d like to know if it made a difference, rest assured, it ABSOLUTELY did."

    Filomena FanelliFilomena FanelliCEO, Impact PR & Marketing
  • "While I was with MWW, Ken conducted several engaging workshops for our client-facing staff. His workshops were among the highest participant-rated classes we've given, vis-a-vis such key measures as 'Overall Program (Workshop) Value,' 'Program Facilitator,' 'Practicality/Usability of Recommendations,' and 'Exceeded Expectations.' Participants reported not only learning a tremendous amount of valuable information, but committed to take a number of actions as a result of the workshop. Not only were these the actions we wanted them to take, but they actually did so. In a post-workshop survey, a large number of participants said they'd enthusiastically recommend the program to others; a substantially larger number said they'd very enthusiastically recommend it."
    Angela CalzoneAngela CalzoneCo-Managing Member, Change & Response Strategies, LLC, Senior Vice President, Talent Resources and Organization Development
  • "Ken provided an on-target seminar on 'How to deliver 5-star client service' for our international Public Relations Global Network - and hit an immediate chord with our 50-member network of PR agency owners. We all know how important client service is, but sometimes forget how to implement it effectively. What I personally liked best about Ken's seminar is the way he offered specific ways to engage your clients that were eminently do-able. We've already done it and seen a big difference. I recommend Ken highly."
    David LandisDavid LandisCEO/President, Landis Communications Inc., President Giant Step Digital, Past President, Public Relations Global Network
  • "Ken is a top rate consultant and has been a part of The Garrity Group success. Because of that connection, I had a chance to introduce Ken for his 2016 presentation to the Counselors Academy of the Public Relations Society of America leadership breakout, 'Discover The Leader In You: Nine Critical Actions For Leadership Success.' His presentation and connection with the attendees was strong and the event was a success."
    Tom GarrityTom GarrityOwner, The Garrity Group
  • "Ken Jacobs is a highly skilled professional and an exceptional presenter. I was fortunate enough to hear Ken speak at our most recent PRGN global meeting in Santa Monica earlier this year. His workshop on 'How To Create A Client Service Culture At Your Agency' was not only insightful and eye-opening, it encouraged us to take those best practices and apply them in our firm. As a result we have seen changes in team attitude, heightened levels of participation and it has created a new air of excitement and anticipation for the future of our agency. I highly recommend Ken as a speaker, consultant and all around fine gentleman. He is a joy to work with."
    Esther BuchsbaumEsther BuchsbaumPresident and Co-founder of energi PR/RP
  • "I was fortunate to sit in on a presentation that Ken Jacobs gave on the subject of business development, titled 'How To Win More New Business, Now!' during a PRSA Counselors Academy conference earlier this year. As a result of his presentation, I made a mental note to tackle the creation of a business development plan for my company this year. I reached out privately to Ken for assistance with this project, and he responded immediately eager to help. The information he provided in his original presentation and then in his follow-up with me is incredibly helpful. I am so thankful for his expertise and guidance. I hope to get the opportunity to work with Ken in the future."
    Kristine GobboKristine GobboPresident, Spectrum Public Relations
  • "Ken is high-level strategic thinker who is also a great teacher. He recently led a sold-out session for Social Media Club Philly & PRSA Philly, which led to a robust discussion that the audience stretched for more than an hour beyond the meeting. Ken also does an excellent job asking the critical questions that help you think through approaches to PR, keep your team motivated and make you laugh really hard. And I don't know about you, but I don't think there are enough laughs these days."
    Annie HeckenbergerAnnie HeckenbergerVP, Group Director, Brand Communications Strategy, Digital Health
  • "Ken delivered an inspiring and riveting presentation on client service at the November 2010 JSPRAA Networking Lunch. Ken was able to keep our crowd of about 40 marketing professionals engaged by delivering content in a creative manner. His delivery is personable, bringing everything to a personal experience on how customer service works in certain ways. As President of JSPRAA, I would certainly bring him back in the future to speak for our group. Ken's presentation was wonderful and he's a professional guy both in the way he presents himself and ensures that his presentation goes off without a hitch."
    Steve GubermanSteve GubermanVice President, Creative and Digital Services at R&J Strategic Communications Former President, Jersey Shore Public Relations & Advertising Association

Ken has presented, taught and guest lectured for prestigious organizations including:

  • PRSA’s Organizational Leadership Certificate Program;
  • The International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC);
  • The Executive Master’s Program, Communications Management;
  • Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications;
  • The Public Relations Global Network (PRGN); and
  • Taan Worldwide (the global network of independent communications agencies)

You can access a more complete list of events and speaking engagements here:

Published Works

Contributed portion of “Learning Ethics From A Mentor,” chapter in “Answers for Ethical Marketers, A Guide To Good Practice In Business Communications,” Deirdre Breakenridge, Routledge, 2021

Author, “Communications Skills For Business Leaders Who Want to Motivate and Inspire,” chapter in “Fast Tracking Your Career, The Ultimate Guide For PR Pros,” Deirdre Breakenridge, Critical Mention, 2017.

Author of four Leadership eBooks:

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