We offer training in a number of core agency areas, focusing particularly on leadership and client service.


Our most popular leadership training offering of late is a series of leadership training modules, either all virtual or a blend of one or two in-person sessions with the rest handled virtually, followed by a series of virtual facilitated leadership discussions.

Leadership Training Potential Program Deliverables

Depending on the mods we actually teach, attendees will learn and understand: 

  • Critical Definitions of Leadership
  • Their Real Role As Leaders
  • Differences Between Management and Leadership
  • How To Encourage Followership
  • How To Be An Effective, Inspiring Leader
  • How To Effectively Delegate and Empower
  • How To Effectively Communicate As A Leader
  • How To Provide Truly Constructive Feedback
  • How To Lead During Ongoing Uncertain Times
  • Thought-Provoking Leadership Strategies, Combined with Practical Leadership Actions They Can Implement The Day After Each Mod
  • How To Take Action On The Commitments They Make
  • How to Overcome Hurdles To Leadership Improvement Implementation (via the interactive post-training virtual leadership sessions)

Five-Star Client Service

If you sense that your agency, specific teams, or specific team members isn’t providing the level of client service that matches your vision, you’re probably right!

Our training programs help you provide the kind of service that results in over-the-top delighted clients, allowing you to keep them for the long haul and giving your agency over-the-top recommendations and referrals.

This role-playing workshop is built around the premise that many agencies offer strategic counsel, creative ideas, and excellent execution. But firms whose professionals offer “Five-Star Client Service, To Every Client, Every Day” enjoy the greatest success.


Dealing With Difficult Clients

Giving Five-Star Client Service to “every client, every day” can be challenging. However, managing difficult clients has its own special challenges. This program will help you better understand types of tough clients, and create different strategies to manage each type, without losing your sanity!