Executive Coaching Testimonials

  • "Ken possesses an extraordinary ability to inspire growth and transformation. His expertise in energy leadership and the Energy Leadership Index has impacted my personal and professional development. Ken’s insights have bolstered my resilience and equipped me with a fresh perspective, enhancing my approach to challenges. I am deeply grateful for Ken’s guidance and wholeheartedly recommend his coaching to anyone seeking to unlock their true potential."
    Shweta Soni
    Shweta SoniSenior Communications Specialist- MENA
  • "Every communications leader should have the benefit from coaching from Ken. He's more than "Kenough" (for the unindoctrinated, that's a Barbie movie reference)... he's pure "Kenergy." What a gift that the agency I joined had engaged him to provide leadership coaching! A valued advisor, coach, and friend, Ken's counsel is wise, constructive, on point, and informed by an esteemed career of communications excellence. Genuine, caring, and insightful, he brings out the best in everyone he works with. And the energy reference? He'll graciously remind you that the energy you bring the anything is important and sets the tone for any interaction. That's Kenough for me!"
    Trish Nicolas
    Trish Nicolas Senior Communications Strategist
  • "Ken has been a tremendous resource to our leadership team. A patient coach, he's guided us through several years of growth and change as our organization continues to evolve. We are a stronger team and stronger agency because of Ken!"
    Nicole Morgan, APR
    Nicole Morgan, APRFounder, Resolute PR
  • "I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for your coaching services. You are a great coach! I was truly impressed when your coaching helped to reshift one of my team member's way of thinking and leading. It was incredible to witness the positive transformation that occurred as a result of your guidance. Your methodical and thoughtful approach truly made a difference. Having used several types of coaching in the past, I genuinely appreciate your patience and graceful approach. It is evident that you have a deep understanding of your craft and a genuine passion for helping others succeed. Thank you once again for your excellent coaching. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you. I look forward to our continued collaboration in the future."
    Kristelle Siarza, MBA, APR
    Kristelle Siarza, MBA, APROwner and CEO, Siarza
  • "I am so grateful to have Ken as my leadership coach. His coaching approach - focused on energy leadership and the Energy Leadership Index - is powerful and incredibly effective. The results are clear in my life professionally, including a promotion and recognized leadership growth by my leaders. The coaching also has improved my life personally where I find myself reacting to professional and personal situations with more clarity, compassion and confidence. My entire leadership mindset has shifted and there is zero chance that would have happened without Ken. I enthusiastically recommend Ken if you’re interested in quickly increasing leadership, productivity, resilience, confidence, effectiveness and so much more. He’s a game changer for any leader."
    Deirdre Murphy Ramsey
    Deirdre Murphy RamseyExecutive Vice President, Precision Strategies
  • "Ken is coach extraordinaire! I had the privilege of working with him over the last few months during a career transition. Ken’s coaching is centered around the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) which has truly helped me refine my leadership style. His approach is customized to each client and geared towards individual goals. He also brings positive energy to every coaching session, which automatically shifts his clients’ energy to a higher, more productive level. I am a better leader from his coaching."
    Dawn Buzynski, APR
    Dawn Buzynski, APRDirector of Strategic Communications
  • "Before working with Ken, my feelings were mostly made up of guilt and anger at work and home. I was unproductive at work and always felt like a failure to my team. It seemed I never had enough time in the day and when I got home, I was a screaming, exhausted mom collapsing on the couch. I'm not exaggerating when I say that all this has completely changed. With the use of the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) as the core of the coaching, I feel I have the tools to make critical decisions for my team during this difficult time of a global pandemic. It's a monumental task to provide effective and empathetic leadership through this. It's incredibly hard and I'm humbled that people are looking to me for answers, even though I don't have them. I feel lost a lot of the time. Luckily, I have Ken to help guide me through."
    Bridget Daly
    Bridget DalyVP, Client Services at Ideas Collide, Marketing Executive, Digital Advertising Director
  • “By using the Energy Leadership coaching system and working with Ken, I was able to figure out what really motivates me and how that helps me do my job better - he empowered me to lead my business with courage and strength. Due to Ken's coaching, I now feel more like a business leader rather than a PR person. I’m forever grateful to Ken."

    Laura Gross
    Laura GrossPresident, Scott Circle Communications
  • "I first approached Ken for coaching around building the right business development mindset as I was settling into a new role/establishing a new office for our agency. After a few weeks working together, I quickly realized how much opportunity was ahead of me. I was able to unpack some previously held beliefs about my skill set and be open to new ways of working. As a result of working together I've not only cultivated the mindset I was initially seeking but have been much more productive, uncovered other areas of growth and am better prepared to not just handle change but thrive during it! It was a great experience."
    Meghan Gross
    Meghan GrossVice President, Pierpont Communications
  • I engaged him as an executive coach to help me gain awareness of my leadership style and to help sharpen my focus as I grew my firm and increased the size of our team and business. His insights have been invaluable. Ken has helped me harness my energy and focus on my strengths so that I can be more effective. The positive results happened nearly immediately as I started taking actions and realizing efficiencies (read: money-saving!) in my business. I also was able to sort through challenging decisions to get to wonderful outcomes in a way that matched my values. It's wonderful to gain clarity and to focus on what will move my company forward. I'd highly recommend working with Ken!"

    Filomena Fanelli
    Filomena FanelliCEO, Impact PR & Marketing

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