Business Development Engagement

We start with a series of virtual training sessions, where we ask (and answer) the question: “How much money do we wish to make by the end of the year, and from whom will we make it?”

Training Sessions: We kick off the training with a highly interactive session around the critical importance of having a written, strategic, plan to grow your business.

12 Critical Questions

12 Questions You Must Answer: In our second mod, we introduce the 12 Critical Questions you must answer to write the business development plan.

We go deep on sources of income, including

  • What’s currently in contract.
  • How much we’ll generate by bringing new ideas to existing clients.
  • Additional income that will result from existing clients bringing us additional assignments.
  • What may come in “over the transom,” and then most important.
  • How much we need to generate from “new,” new clients.

Identifying The Right Clients

In follow-up sessions, we’ll identify:

  • Key industry categories in which the agency is truly expert.
  • Industry segments that are most likely to need you in the coming year.
  • Key practice areas in which you truly excel.
  • Key practice areas that will be most valued by your prospects, thereby generating the top and bottom-line growth.

We end with the First Seven Steps To Write The Plan

The First Seven Steps To Write The Plan: At this point, the agency writes the first draft of their plan. I’ll then review it and respond with a Recommendations Memo outlining my perspective on what’s missing and should be added, what can be eliminated (because we want to keep it tight!), and recommendation on fine-tuning.

This is followed by a phone or Zoom session where I walk you through the Recommendations, and answer any questions the agency may have.

At that point, the agency modifies the plan, and then jumps into implementation.

Biz Dev Implementation Coaching

We have a phone or Zoom session every other week, preferably for six months, to determine what business development activities are working (and let’s do more of them), what’s not currently working (let’s keep an eye on them and fine-tune or modify) and what’s clearly not working, despite modification, (so let’s kill it.)

Equally important, in those business development coaching calls, I’ll help the agency’s business development team to overcome any hurdles that they’re experiencing as they implement the plan, as well as fine-tuning those actions which might not be working, as mentioned above.

– Testimonials –

  • "Ken Jacobs is the development coach you need if you’re looking for a partner to help you grow your business. Ken’s business development and leadership sessions at the Counselors Academy PRSA Conference — designed for business owners like me - led me to hire him as my business development coach. And it’s been the best decision I made since launching Chasing the Sun.

    Ken’s experience as a PR executive -- coupled with his coaching accreditations - gives him the empathic qualities needed to help business owners on their journey. His approach to planning and prospecting helps you focus on what’s essential and identify practical solutions for growth.

    Because of this approach, I am on track to double my year-over-year revenue goals heading into 2023. Most of all, Ken is a great guy who is fun to work with, engaging, and genuinely cares about your personal and professional growth. If you’re looking for a partner who truly wants to help you lead with confidence, I cannot recommend Ken enough!"
    Mark Mohammadpour, APR, CHC, CPT, PN1-NC
    Mark Mohammadpour, APR, CHC, CPT, PN1-NCOwner and Chief Well-being Officer, Chasing the Sun
  • "Our Princeton Strategic Communications team worked with Ken over the course of a year to implement a business development plan that was tailored to our needs. Ken carefully coached us through the planning process and encouraged us to pursue and achieve our stretch goals. Ken gave our process a valuable set of professional eyes to ensure the best results."
    Norris Clark
    Norris ClarkManaging Partner at Princeton Strategic Communications
  • "Ken's sage guidance helped us develop our business development plan and execute every element over a six-month period of regular coaching activities. The data says that the time we spent with Ken more than paid for itself!"
    Melanie Wilt, APR
    Melanie Wilt, APROwner of Shift•ology Communication & Clark County Commissioner
  • "Ken's valuable insight, knowledge and encouragement set us off on the right path with a new sales and marketing plan, right as the world's pandemic was breaking. This instilled us with the much-needed confidence required to continuing growing our business amid a monumental crisis. Our bi-monthly Zoom sessions with Ken were always helpful and encouraging as he is very nonjudgemental but still provides mentorship and suggestions. I never walked away feeling bad, as sometimes you do with coaches who don't understand your other time-constraints. It is also very helpful that Ken has past leadership experience at top PR firms, so we could pick up important advice in other areas, beyond sales and marketing, such as hiring and client management. As leader of a company, it is important to keep people like Ken close, otherwise it can be a lonely job!"
    Amy Rosenberg
    Amy RosenbergPresident and Founder of Veracity
  • "Ken Jacobs is the best! I worked with Ken for the past year – and it was our best year yet. My company’s income grew by 22% As a PR expert, I was never trained on how to be a business leader. Ken gave me very substantive tips, feedback and advice. He helped me develop a business plan with financial goals, encouraged me to focus on our firm’s strengths, lead my team and grow my business. Due to Ken's coaching, I now feel more like a business leader rather than a PR person. I’m forever grateful to Ken."

    Laura Gross
    Laura GrossPresident, Scott Circle Communications