Sample Engagements

All our executive coaching engagements start with one or two assessments, or ideally, a combination thereof.  This is always followed by assessment debriefs.

Thereafter we discuss with the client what coaching is and isn’t, rules of engagement, mutual commitments, client-coach confidentiality, etc. Before or after this call, we speak with the client’s supervisor to gain their insights, and to discuss coaching ground rules, including and especially, confidentiality.

Before actual coaching begins, the coach works with the client to create coaching engagement goals Coaching sessions are then usually held twice per month.

Halfway or two-thirds through the coaching engagement, we speak again with the client’s supervisor to gain their sense of client progress, as well as areas on which to focus for the remainder of the engagement.

At the program’s conclusion, we hold a call with the client and their supervisor to review progress and areas of continued opportunity

To discuss the various ways we can work together, please contact Ken.