Climbing Up the Leadership Ladder With Steve Cody

It feels like I’ve known Steve Cody, co-founder and co-CEO of integrated communications agency Peppercomm, forever. He’s celebrated for ice, rock and alpine climbing around the globe, for requiring staffers to attend stand-up comedy training and for speaking with outspoken honesty.

Danielle Devine’s Journey to Leader at Johnson & Johnson

I first met Danielle Devine when I joined Marina Maher Communications in 1994. It was clear to me that she was a born leader. Levine,who is the global leader, enterprise strategy and communications at Johnson & Johnson…

Rick French on Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

Rick French is the chairman and CEO of French/West/Vaughan, one of the country’s most respected independent PR agencies. Here, he shares some leadership advice and best practices that have helped the Raleigh, N.C.-based powerhouse grow into a national firm.

Exec Coaching Can Boost Productivity

There’s a growing discussion these days about the benefits of executive (or leadership) coaching. That makes sense, because executive coaching is on the rise.

7 Skills PR Leaders Need to Succeed in the Coming Years

What skills will leaders of communications organizations need in a few years? Think speed, flexibility, boldness, adaptability, a global mindset, vision and personal growth.

Focus on leading, not just managing

In three decades in and around public relations, I’ve seen our industry, particularly on the agency side, promote professionals into positions of leadership simply because they’re great managers: of accounts, of timetables, of budgets, and, of course, clients.

6 Leadership Techniques for Executive-Level PR Practitioners

How are today’s PR executives managing in these challenging and changing times? I spoke with nine senior-level practitioners to learn more about their leadership philosophies and what’s working for them.

Training Strategies in 2014

How do I decide what the right approach is for my training strategies in 2014? You are asking the right question. You can do a lot of random training just for the sake of training. You need to focus on the right things.

How to Lead in the Rapidly Changing World of Public Relations

Some people believe that there’s been more changes in communications in the past five years than in the previous 25 like rapid technology advances, the 24/7 news cycle and expanding globalization.

Client Service: 10 Ways Five-Star Brands and Companies Excel

I gave a presentation at the recent PRGN international meeting in Los Angeles called “How To Create A Five-Star Client Service Organization.” In it, I examined companies known to provide superior customer service. It’s my belief that agencies should study these companies and mimic their success for better client service.