Coaching Case Studies

We’ve helped many agency leaders manage leadership challenges. In fact, our coaching engagements have helped catapult their firms to greater heights. Here are a few case studies:


The management team at one agency believed the owner was routinely stymied by fear. So, we helped him realize how his fears—and resulting behaviors—were diminishing the agency’s success. We unearthed the root of his fears and deconstructed them. Then, we empowered him to lead from a position of confidence. This helped improve his relationships with senior managers, employees, and clients. The profound impact of our coaching strengthened the owner’s leadership, propelled managers to achieve goals, and inspired the staff to greater success.


A leading communications agency’s second-in-command had a leadership style of: “My Way or the Highway”. Unfortunately, this typically resulted in a chaotic environment with significant employee exodus. We worked with this leader to develop a stronger leadership style rooted in motivation—as opposed to intimidation. After a four-month engagement, we saw dramatic results. The revolving door first slowed, and last year, agency retention was an amazing 100%. Equally important, the agency team was far more engaged. And the icing on the leadership cake? This particular #2 was rewarded with a promotion to #1: Agency President


A top agency had a common problem: getting managers to take initiative. So, we motivated and incentivized the management team to “step up” and take on more responsibilities. We tackled this with both the entire team as well as with each individual manager. The result? The firm is now achieving more of its profitability and HR goals. And, the agency leader is focusing more on the agency vision, long-term strategy, and business acquisition.


A senior executive of a communications firm had an unconfident leadership style. This adversely affected the performance of his managers and staff. Via regular coaching, he learned how to manage difficult discussions with clients, subordinates, and peers. He embraced a confident leadership style. Plus he became more decisive. The most inspiring results: this exec developed a newfound ability to ask for, and receive, what he wanted. He adopted a more direct communications style. And, he became a faster decision maker. All of which greatly improved his group’s overall productivity