Agency Marketing: Get Focused About Your Offering

Agency Marketing: Get Focused About Your Offering

Agency Marketing: Get Focused About Your Offering

My good pal and now co-author of “Marketing In The Round,”Gini Dietrich, says we should be more personal in our blogs. Tell more stories. Acknowledge when we need to get better at how we run and market our businesses. In her blog, Gini has spoken with ruthless honesty about some of the challenges she’s faced in her business.

And though it pains me to admit when Gini’s right…

I’ll share a story in which she plays a major role.

A few years back, after I had attended a few PRSA Counselors Academy spring conferences, I was chatting with Gini about whether this was the right marketing opportunity for me, as a consultant, trainer and coach to PR firms.

The silence was deafening.

Gini, you do know that’s what I do, right?

She didn’t. She thought I was the owner of a boutique PR firm called Jacobs Communications Consulting.

But you know I’ve given presentations on creating agency training programs, managing Millennials, improving client service, etc.

But Gini thought I was a PR firm owner (I’m not!) who had knowledge about and a passion for those topics (I do). Because at Counselors Academy, agency owners and leaders freely share their knowledge and passions with other agency owners and leaders.

Ken, you’ve got to be absolutely clear about what you do. Speak with laser-like focus about it. Your potential clients have to understand your offerings, and how those offerings will improve their business.

But all that’s on my website.

No one’s going to your website.

Gini, I think you’re wrong. I think CAPRSA members are pretty sure about what I offer.

Gini then took it upon herself to poll ten CAPRSA members. (Without my asking, mind you.  That’s just Gini.)

Well, we were both right. Five know what you do. And five think you’re a PR guy, like them.

Those numbers were not encouraging!

What do you talk about on your blog?

Yeah, that’s on my to-do list.

I think she actually said “Jeez” out loud that time.

So even though it caused me pain, I followed her advice. As well as the smart counsel of my coach-business consultant George Rosenberg. (Just like every therapist needs a good therapist, every good coach-consultant needs a good coach-consultant!)

I believe I’ve gotten smarter about what I offer, and how it benefits my clients and potential clients. And obviously, I’m blogging about the issues my clients face.

Now I need to get smarter about my digital strategy and tactics. Because Gini says so.

So let me ask you some questions: Are you being as smart as you can about what your agency offers to your potential clients? Are you speaking with laser-like focus about your firm’s point-of-difference vs. its competition? Have you made mistakes along the way?  How have you gotten smarter about all this? And most important, do you have people like Gini and George in your life, who from time to time will tell you “Jeez!”?  I hope so, and hope you’ll share a comment about this topic.


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