How To Win A PR Awards Competition

How To Win A PR Awards Competition

How To Win A PR Awards Competition

We’re approaching the season of preparing PR awards entries, so I recently reread a post I wrote earlier this year on that subject for The Buzz Bin, CRT/tanaka’s marketing and communications blog. I believe that the points I raised are valid, but often overlooked, so I’m sharing it again. I’ve added one important point, which I hope you find helpful.

First, the original Buzz Bin post.

The point I’d add is ask yourself why you’re entering the awards competition. Is winning awards a critical part of my business plan because it will help me win business? Will it deepen my relationship with the client for whom I did the work?  Entering awards takes an enormous amount of time and not a small amount of money. Make sure you know the reasons why winning one is so critical to your firm. If you’ve asked yourself the tough questions, and it truly is important, then go for it. And best of luck!


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