Managing, Motivating and Mentoring Millennials

Managing, Motivating and Mentoring Millennials

Managing, Motivating and Mentoring Millennials

I’m getting a little tired hearing some Baby Boomer and Gen X leaders complain about Millennials, AKA Gen Y. My view, shared by many others, is that they are a supremely talented generation. So as an agency owner or leader, it’s well worth your while to learn how to harness that talent.

In fact, you simply can’t afford not to figure out how to best lead and inspire this critical group of the labor pool. That’s because Millennials, born between 1978 and 2000, are the largest and fastest-growing group of workers in the U.S.

Older Baby Boomers, who are now as old as 65, are likely considering retirement. Gen Xers, between the ages of 33 and 46, are in their professional prime. But because they were born between the Baby Boom and the Baby Boomlet, there simply aren’t that many of them.

So you’ve got three choices: 1) Search for the proverbial 55-year-old account executive; 2) Keep bitching about Millennials, which will only add to your stress level, as they walk out your door; or 3) Learn as much as you can about this group and use this knowledge to better manage, lead and inspire them.

I’ll be sharing some of the highlights I’ve learned about this generation at a PRSA webinar called “Managing, Motivating and Mentoring Millennials” on Tuesday, September 27.

We’ll start the webinar with ten important group traits, including the cultural and technological influences that help to make them what they are. After all, if you were trying to reach and influence a target demographic group, you’d study them first, in the hopes of understanding what makes them tick, wouldn’t you? Shouldn’t you do the same for groups you’re trying to influence in the workplace?

Then I’ll offer 20 practical tips on how to best lead and manage Millennials. I assure you, “coddle them” isn’t one I’ll share!

Please click on the link for details. I hope you’ll consider attending.

Meanwhile, please comment on your experience in managing Millennials. What’s worked? What hasn’t?


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